English Lecture 4-What’s “New” About New Zealand?

October 17 from 16:20 in Room 6206

Lots of things you didn’t know about NZ!
When most people think of New Zealand, they imagine sheep, rugby, and kiwifruit. But New Zealand has so much more! In this lecture, I’m going to introduce you to some of the secrets of my beautiful country. You’ll meet giant animals, crazy sports, and the best meat pies in the world! I’ll also teach you how to do the famous haka!

This month’s speaker
Malcolm Swanson is originally from Auckland in New Zealand, but he has lived and taught in Japan for the past 30 years. He is married with two kids and two wild cats, and enjoys cooking, gardening, hiking, and playing with Apple computers. He loves teaching, and has been at Seinan Jo Gakuin University for 14 years.

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