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Winchester views

I would like to tell you about the town I’m living in now. Winchester was the capital city of the UK before London. Therefore there are many historical buildings in Winchester, for example, Winchester Cathedral, Winchester castle, and so on. I recommend going to Winchester hill to see the great view. It’s located out of the city and difficult to get to at night but you can see such a beautiful view from there. It’s the best place to relax yourself and breathe clean air. I prefer at night because the sky is completely filled with stars.
Also, Winchester is easy to live in for me because I can take just 20 minutes to go to town on foot and get some stuff for University. They also have some pretty cafés and restaurants—of course a Japanese restaurant too. In addition, in winter, they have such a beautiful Christmas market. It’s not as big as a next city’s one but we can eat classic foods and drink alcohol, so we are able to experience a valuable real Christmas.
When you want to go to London, you can get there by bus and train. It takes about 1 hour to get there so it’s not too far and not too expensive!

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