2019 Zion Cup English Contest

A festival of speeches and presentations

This year’s Zion Cup took place on January 23, once again featuring 6 speeches by Year-1 students, and 8 presentations by Year-2 and -3 students. These were the finalists that had been decided from in-class competitions during the semester. Here are the results and some pictures. The winning speeches and presentations can also be viewed on YouTube here.

  • Judges
    • Nicholas Kemp
    • Ai Murphy
    • Rika Kido
    • Speech Contest
      • 1st place: Yukiko Hoashi
      • 2nd place: Hibiki Inoue
      • 3rd place: Asuka Haishi
    • Presentation Contest
      • 1st place: Shiori Nakamura, Ami Hioki
      • 2nd place: Mio Nishikawa, Ayano Ideta, Miri O
      • 3rd place: Nana Kamiya, Narumi Tabuchi, Mizuki Fukamachi

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