International Virtual Exchange Project

Sharing ideas with students around the world

What is the International Virtual Exchange project?

The IVE Project has students from 17 different countries interacting asynchronously in English as a lingua franca. Exchanges are carried out over 8 week periods using Moodle. Students from three, four or more different countries are combined in groups. Participation in the group forums involves posting and replying using student-created text, audio, and video posts. Students can also add links and other multimedia to their posts.

Goals for students:

  • To improve your intercultural competency.
  • To experience authentic communication with students from other countries.
  • To find out about your own and others’ cultures and lifestyles.
  • To improve your communication skills. In this project, this means learning to communicate in another language with people who do not know much about your culture.
  • To improve your digital literacy skills.

So far the students have been introducing themselves to other students, sharing recipes, and discussing issues in forums. Our thanks to the IVE Project team for organizing this for our students!

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