Special Lecture on Guide Interpreting

It was our pleasure to be able to hold a talk about the profession of guide interpreting here on campus last month. Yoshiki Kobayakawa, of Randell’s Corporation Tour Guide & Interpreter Services, and Mizuho Mizutani, Chairperson of the Kyushu Association of Interpreters, Translators and Guide-Interpreters, shared much useful information about this career option, and also about the National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter exam. Being able to hear about Ms Mizutani’s experiences as a practicing guide interpreter was particularly interesting and informative. The National Government Licensed Guide Interpreter exam is the only national qualification in Japan connected to foreign languages. It requires not only proficiency in a foreign language, but also knowledge of Japanese geography and history, general knowledge, and understanding of the practical business operations of guide interpreters. If you want to try out your foreign language skills or are looking for a new study goal for 2023, studying for this exam might be for you!


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