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My Study Abroad Experience in New Zealand – Hina S.





I studied abroad in New Zealand for three weeks during spring break. In the mornings, I went to school and learned basic English. In the afternoon, we participated in activities and had a variety of experiences.
After school, I had ice cream and shopping with my friends every day. Through the activities, classes, and homestay experience, I was able to learn not only the English I would learn at the university, but also the real English used in daily life.
At first, I sometimes found it difficult to understand and have a conversation with my host mother, but as time went by, my ear got used to it and I could understand better, so I felt that it was important to continue the conversation without giving up. I had a lot of fun at the activities, such as riding the gondola and paddling a canoe, which I rarely have the chance to experience in Japan.
The most memorable part of my study abroad experience this time was the homestay. I was very anxious at first, but my host mother was very kind and cheerful, so my anxiety soon disappeared and I was able to spend three very fulfilling weeks. I had a great experience watching TV and going shopping while eating with my host family, and I am very glad that I made the choice to study abroad this time.

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