Project Neuru: Introducing my house



Tsukamoto Zemi joined a project for youth in the Asia-Pacific area to think about sustainable housing this year. On June 10, we had our third meeting through Zoom, the theme of which was to introduce the features of our houses and our favorite spaces in them. I explained that my house has high ceilings, and that if I just turn on the air conditioner, the warm air goes to the top and the cold air stays at the bottom, so I have ceiling fans that stir the air up and down to equalize the temperature in the room. Another member also introduced their favorite space in their own home, which is a space where they hang paintings by their favorite artists.

Listening to the presentations of others, I learned that most people living in Japan, India, and the U.S. generally live in a single house, while the majority of Koreans often live in high-rise buildings. Also, when introducing their favorite spaces, Koreans and Indians usually chose their bedrooms, but I got the impression that many Japanese people chose their living rooms. I am glad that we were able to share and learn again that different countries have different values and relaxing spaces.

—Hiyori Takayama (英語学科3年生)

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