2023 Zion Cup English Contest

2023 ジオンカップ英語コンテスト

On January 15, we held our 18th Zion Cup English Contest. Held every year, our contest offers Year 1 students the chance to give a speech, and Year 2 and 3 students the oppotunity to make presentations. This year’s topic was “Life Changing Events”, and the students gave many interesting presentations. During the second semester, all students gave presentations and speeches in their classes, and from these today’s finalists were chosen. Here are the results and some photos:

Speech Contest

  • 1st Place: Yuzuki Yamaji—Connect With Earphones
  • 2nd Place: Reina Okamura—Daily Choices
  • 3rd Place: Sayaka Izumi—My Best Encounter
  • 4th Place: Honoka Mori—My Life Decision

Presentation Contest

  • 1st Place: Misato Kaji & Yuka Andou—18 Festival
  • 2nd Place: Saya Matsumoto & Yuna Ito—Changing Point of Hayao Miyazaki
  • 3rd Place: Natsuki Nakanishi, Mizuki Sasada, & Maria Aramaki—Turning Point in Your Life
  • Judges: L. Dennis Woolbright & Chris Carman
  • MCs: Rio Kawahito & Saya Konishi
  • Photographs: Moka Matsumoto

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