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— Satsuki A. (英語学科3年生)

I went to India for a month last month to study yoga. My dream is to become a yoga instructor, so I went to India, the home of yoga, to get a yoga certification called RYT200. I took yoga lessons for two hours every morning and learned the history of yoga for three hours in the afternoon. I also learned how to do each yoga pose, what to pay attention to, and how to support myself from Indian teachers.

The second half of the two-week course also included a yoga philosophy class, where we learned about the philosophical concepts of yoga. We also received Ayurveda, a traditional medicine that uses natural healing to cure and prevent illness, from a local doctor. It was a valuable experience for me to learn yoga, philosophy, and ayurveda all from experienced local doctors.

The main focus of this study abroad program was yoga, so at the end of the program, I took the yoga instructor exam for graduation. I was nervous, but I was very satisfied that I was able to make use of what I had learned for a month and give a yoga lesson that was unique to me and that both I and other students enjoyed!

I also enjoyed not only yoga but also life in India during the month. I participated in the annual Holi festival, ate a lot of authentic curry, visited world heritage sites, and enjoyed India to the fullest! It was also a month in which I had wonderful encounters with many people and was supported and helped by many people.

On the first day I arrived in India, I cried a lot because of the difference in environment and loneliness, and I wanted to go home right away. However, as I spent time in India every day, the kindness of many Indian people and the local Japanese people saved me, and I came to love India, and by the time I left, I did not want to go home.

think many people have the image that India is a dangerous country, and I was like that before I went there. But that is not true! It is a wonderful country where people have a natural inclination to help those in need and are quick to assist those in trouble.

Spending a month in India made me think that I need to change more. I will definitely return to India again! In addition, I was able to obtain my dream of becoming a yoga instructor, and I hope to be able to give yoga lessons at universities in the future! If I can give yoga lessons in English, I will be even more motivated to learn English! The month I spent in India was a treasure of my life and a wonderful experience.

— Satsuki A. (Year 3 student)

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