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2017 English Camp – Day 2

Everyone was a little tired this morning, but they still leapt into our activities. Year 1 students wrote postcards to their high school teachers while Year 2 students interviewed the teachers and visitors. After lunch, we traveled into Shimonoseki for ice-creams and sushi before heading home. A long but very …

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2017 English Camp – Skit Contest

In the evening, we held our regular skit contest. As always, the students worked so hard to perfect their performances. More importantly, everyone had a great time. We’ll post video of the top performances later.

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2017 English Camp – Day 1

We traveled from Kitakyushu to Nishinagato by bus, stopping on the way to enjoy the views from the bridge over to Tsunoshima. After we arrived at the hotel, we ate lunch and then spent the afternoon doing activities planned by our amazing student committee. Great fun, and a nice chance …

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2016 English Camp

This year, we once again travelled to Sumiyoshihama Resort on Oita. With students, staff, and visitors, there were almost 100 people packed into two buses for the journey. After we arrived, we had lunch, then settled into an afternoon of critical thinking activities. These activities included the Egg Drop [video …

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English Camp skit videos

As part of English Camp, we always hold a skit contest. Here are some videos of the students performing their class skits. Class 1A-a: Cup Song Class 1A-b: Snow White Class 1B-c: Cinderella Class 1B-d: Frozen Class 2A-a: Princess Party Class 2A-b: High School Musical Class 2B-c: Harry Potter Class 2B-d: …

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