2019 English Camp

From May 10-11, we traveled to Nishinagato in Yamaguchi Prefecture for two days of English and team building activities. The weather was perfect, so we were able to enjoy the amazing seaside views on both days. On the first day, we began with a series of activities planned and run by our 12 student volunteers. Then, we had some free time while the students prepared for their skits which were performed that night (see the next post).

The next day, we did some postcard writing and vocabulary games, then had a lecture on “Living in the UK” with Ms Sara Kawabata from Shikoku University. After an early lunch, we traveled over to Tsunashima Island before heading back to Kokura—stopping briefly at Karatoichiba in Shimonoseki on the way. A fantastically fun couple of days with great students! Many thanks everyone!

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