Mallory Cup – 2010 Results

Our 5th Mallory Cup English Contest was held on Saturday, September 25 2010. This was our first year to have an elementary school section, as it is our aim to foster English education at that level. A total of 5 finalist teams to part. At the junior high school level, a total of 9 teams reached the final level.


  • Mr. David McMurray (International University of Kagoshima)
  • Mr. Shinji Fukuda (Fukuoka University)
  • Ms. Cindy Daugherty (Seinan Gakuin University)

Elementary school teams

  • Yoshida Elementary School (2)
  • Yamaha English School
  • Yokoshiro Elementary School
  • Murphy School of Education

Junior high school teams

  • Oita Junior High School
  • Ashiya Junior High School
  • Seinan Jogakuin Junior High School (2)
  • Meiji Gakuen Junior High School (2)
  • Shoyokan Junior High School
  • Moji Gakuen Junior High School
  • Ikejiri Junior High School


Elementary School

  • 1st place: Yamaha English School – Aoi Noda, Miki Hamasaki, Takara Yano
  • 2nd place: Yokoshiro Elementary School – Natsuki Swanson, Aoi Kurihara, Mika Oshiro
  • 3rd place: Yoshida Elementary School – Nao Hikita, Ayane Higashi, Yui Kishiro

Junior High School

  • 1st place: Seinan Jogakuin JHS – Yumi Tada, Momiji Shibata, Haruka Hongo
  • 2nd place: Meiji Gakuen JHS – Shintaro Fukumoto, Shoken Amano, Sunnosuke Hase
  • 3rd place: Oita JHS – Momo Goto, Ayaka Himeno, Mahiro Seki

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