8th Zion English Cup results

On January 23, 2014, we held our 8th Zion Cup English Contest. Eight 1st-Year students delivered speeches, and three 2nd and 3rd-Year groups performed presentations in front of a crowd of 60 students and teachers. Many thanks to our three judges, Mutya Amano, Masami Nakayama, and Satoko Murata. Also thanks to our MCs, Yuki Kumagawa and Saki Tokiwa, and volunteers Miho Hidaka, Reina Moritake, and Kana Kiyoshima.


Speech Contest

  • 1st place: Maya Nakagawa — A change in English skill confidence
  • 2nd place: Sayuri Tsutsumi — Doing what I want
  • 3rd place: Mai Imada — My looks

Presentation Contest

  • 1st place: Yumi Nakano, Riho Murata, Yukiko Kakumoto — Shining women
  • 2nd place: Hiroko Kimura, Marie Kubota, Mai Youmatsu — You can change
  • 3rd place: Sena Ogata and Nanako Hirahara — Our happiness

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