Dennis Woolbright

dennisDennis Woolbright was born in 1945 in Rochelle Illinois in the United States of America and has lived in Japan for 28 years. He is a professor at Seinan Jo Gakuin University and chair of the English Department where he teaches Oral English, Public Speaking, Advanced English Discussion plus third and fourth year seminar. His seminar includes guests from other countries such as Winchester University students from England. He is also a teacher trainer and keynote speaker for the Japanese Ministry of Education’s programs for ALT teachers and Japanese junior and senior high school teachers of English. Also each year Professor Woolbright acts as a judge for English contests for many universities and high schools in the Kyushu area.


He has quite a unique history. Before he became an English teacher, he was a music director and pastor. In addition to teaching in universities, he has taught in kindergarten, elementary school, junior high school, high school, language schools, and to senior citizens.

He came to Japan in 1982, when he became an English teacher at Kanda Gaigo Gakuin. While teaching there he studied Japanese at Waseda University. He taught for three years at Waseda’s Honjo Koto Gakuin before coming to Seinan Jo Gakuin in 1990. Professor Woolbright’s current main research theme is English slang, world English, and movies.


He is quite famous at this university for his singing and bad jokes. He also loves to travel. In fact, he has been to Russia, Vietnam, France, England, Singapore, Australia, Mexico, New Zealand, South America, Taiwan, Korea, Canada, Hawaii, Guam, and so on. He is a friendly and pleasant teacher and his office door is always open for all students who want to talk.

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