Hiroshi Abe

Hiroshi Abe
Hiroshi Abe

Professor Hiroshi Abe is the Chair of the Department of English, and is one of Seinan’s longest serving teaching staff. He also coaches Seinan’s very successful tennis club. His team is now among the top four in the All–Kyushu Intercollegiate Women’s Tennis teams. In his free time, he enjoys growing vegetables and fishing.

He was born and raised on an island called Tsushima which is located just between mainland Kyushu and Korea. His family line has a long history and he is the 32nd successor of the family. He visits the island several times a year. When he is in there, he carries out responsibilities of various kinds, and at the same time he enjoys spending his free time with his friends.

He teaches Practical English Phonetics for all 1st-year students and seminar classes for 3rd & 4th year students. Also he is involved in the teacher education program and takes care of one course. In this program he coaches individual students with pronunciation difficulties before they start student teaching at junior or senior high schools.

He is the vice-president of KASELE.



担当科目は1年生にはPractical English Phonetics I•II、3・4年生には専門演習・卒業研究(通称ゼミ)、また、教職課程の科目も担当しています。教職課程においては、実習予定者に実習前の発音個人矯正を行ってから中学校や高等学校の現場へ行かせています。


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