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Being a language teacher for over 20 years, I strongly believe that a good class all depends on the learners’ willingness to learn. No matter how well you can teach, a class will not run well without the learners’ willingness to learn. From my personal experience as a learner and a teacher, I strongly believe that the teacher’s behavior has a great influence on the learners’ willingness to learn. Have you ever experienced losing your interest or vice versa in a school subject because of the teacher?

Based on syllogism, if the learners’ motivation influences the outcome of the learning, and the teacher’s behavior influences the learners’ motivation, then the teacher’s behavior influences the outcome of the learning. In other words, a teacher’s job is to improve the learners’ learning. And, to do so, the teacher should be aware of whether his/her teaching draws the learners’ interest. The teacher should reflect upon his/her teaching behavior, make changes to his/her behavior if there needs to be an improvement, and continue and even refine any good points. Repeating this process should improve oneself as a teacher.

Besides my profession at Seinan Jo Gakuin University, I am actively involved in various educational scenes in the Japanese and English language education nationally, internationally and locally where I reside in Hakata. Many interesting people, who I have met through these various activities, have taught me various ways in drawing the learners’ interest. I am striving to utilize and integrate these learnings into my own teaching and research methods.

As the person in charge since Spring 2013, I am currently reforming the Japanese language teacher-training course curriculum in order for the students to acquire abundant knowledge and practical competency in four years and to find employment after graduation or advance to graduate schools within Japan or overseas. I will do my best to improve the curriculum, since this reform can be claimed to be a summary of my learnings.

Those who eagerly want to become Japanese language teachers, come and join us at the English Department of Seinan Jo Gakuin University.

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