2015 English Camp

From May 15 to 16, we held our annual English Camp, traveling once again to the Nishinagato Resort Hotel in Yamaguchi. We had a very busy programme, starting with a presentation by two young musicians (Kanako Machida and Reo Matsuoka) who talked about their experiences learning and playing Irish music in Japan and in Ireland. This was followed by an activities session where our students did a Q&A activity with our many visitors from the UK, New Zealand, and Canada.

After dinner, we had our skit contest, with some wonderful presentations put on by every class, by our Winchester visitors, our guests, and finally, by the staff. It was a very fun night!

The next day, everyone was extremely tired, but after breakfast, Year 1 students wrote postcards while the 2nd years students interviewed staff and visitors. Then, the hotel manager gave a talk on motivation. After an early lunch, we once again boarded the buses, stopping at the waterfront in Shimonoseki on the way home. It was a fast and busy trip, but everyone enjoyed themselves immensely!

Here are many photos from the weekend.

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