2016 English Camp

This year, we once again travelled to Sumiyoshihama Resort on Oita. With students, staff, and visitors, there were almost 100 people packed into two buses for the journey. After we arrived, we had lunch, then settled into an afternoon of critical thinking activities. These activities included the Egg Drop [video link], Lateral Thinking questions, a murder mystery, a Lost at Sea puzzle, and a song activity. Following that, the students had an opportunity to interview our visitors from colleges in New Zealand, Canada, and the UK. After checking in and a delicious BBQ dinner, we had the main event of the camp – the skit performances. This year’s were as wonderful as ever, with the students showing their imagination and creativity.

The next day, we started with a postcard writing activity, followed by a workshop on Diversity by our good friend, Lisa Barker. Then we had lunch before setting off home, stopping at Shouwa-no-machi on the way. A great 2 days that everyone enjoyed immensely!

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