English Lecture: Eat Healthy, Be Smart!

Ai Murphy2016 English Lecture 1

Eat Healthy, Be Smart! – Food & Learning

with Ai Murphy

Thursday May 12, 2016—16:20 in Room 6206

Bad food choices can make us bad learners! Knowing what’s good and bad for our bodies is just as important as knowing and learning grammar points. Though we may love foods that are deep fried and sweet, recent studies show us how terrible trans fats and artificial sweeteners are for the brain—they produce faulty neurons! So, how can we eat more healthfully? In this session, learn how and what to chose for a healthier diet. Also learn some quick and easy and healthy recipes. Better food helps you to become better students!

Ai Murphy teaches children ranging from one to fifteen years of age at the Murphy School of Education. Ai also counsels parents regarding bilingual education in Japan and child rearing. Because she was raised by a restaurant-owning family, Ai is into proper cooking—with healthy ingredients.

Ai often posts pictures of her cooking on Facebook in her “Rita’s Kitchen” section. Here are some samples…

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