2017 Lecture 1: How English Played a Part in My Life

Nobuaki Haihara

How English Played a Part in My Life

with Nobuaki Haihara

May 11 – 16:20–17:50 in Room 6206

For our first lecture for 2017, we have a speaker who will talk about his experiences living and communicating abroad. “I was the worst English student before I moved to the US. Then, in order to survive living there I had to study English. From that, I found a job in the fine arts industry. I also became an artist and could sell to many galleries in the US. As an artist, I was invited onto huge cruise ships to travel the world and have my shows on the ship—which is where I also met my wife.”

Nobuaki Haihara was born in Kokura, and moved to the USA when he was 28. He has traveled the world as an artist. He has a wife and twins.

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