Learning from Studying Abroad

2019 English Lecture #2

June 17 from 16:20 in Room 6206

Every year, many of our students spend time studying abroad. Sometimes this is short-term study during the holidays, and sometimes it is longer—from six months to one year. For all of them, it is a valuable experience, not just because it improves their English, but because it opens their eyes to other cultures and helps them become more independent and confident people. In this English Lecture, seven of our students will talk about their experiences and offer advice for anyone wanting to study abroad.

  1. Maori People & Culture— Minami Toya (New Zealand)
  2. Canadian Taboos— Rina Tanaka (Canada)
  3. Popular Kiwi Food— Yukino Koura (New Zealand)
  4. Canadian Greeting Culture— Nanako Serizawa (Canada)
  5. New Zealand Tourist Spots— Kanako Saiki (New Zealand)
  6. Canada’s Festivals— Kaki Jo (Canada)
  7. New Zealand’s Weather— Yuki Miyake (New Zealand)

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