Canada Week, eh!

Enjoy the fun!

Canada Week is coming, eh!
From next Tuesday, 7/16, we have a whole week of Canadian activities, finishing with Mr Zitzmann’s English Lecture on 7/22. Come and join in the fun!

  • Canadian Trivia Quiz – from Tuesday, 7/16, search for the QR code questions all over Building 5. There will be 15 of them… when you know the answers, upload them here. Prizes will be awarded at the lecture, so be sure to come!
  • Movie Night – On Wednesday, 7/17 from 18:00 in Room 531, we will be showing Austin Powers, starring famous Canadian, Mike Myers. Free! And there might even be popcorn!
  • Pancake Breakfast – Andrew, Malcolm, and a few students will be cooking a mountain of pancakes on Thursday 7/18 from 8:30 in Chatterbox. Free! When they’re gone, they’re gone! Hurry!
  • Canadian Slang Day – we’ll send you some Canadian slang to practice in your classes on Friday, 7/19
  • English Lecture – Monday, 7/22 from 16:20 in Room 6206. Mr Zitzmann will give a presentation on “Canadian Identity”. We’ll be giving the prizes for the Trivia Quiz then too!

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