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Life in Winchester

I live in Winchester. There are a lot of old buildings and beautiful cityscapes in Winchester. Winchester is easier to live in than other cities because Winchester is so safe and most people are very kind. I go to the city centre for shopping twice a week. The distance is about 20 minutes on foot from West Downs to the city centre. I don’t think it’s hard for me because I’m able to get some exercise while I walk. There are a lot of shops in the city centre, and I can buy anything there. My favourite place in Winchester is Chococo. This is a chocolate shop. It was recommended by Mandy, my teacher. The chocolate in there is really delicious and I go there with my friends when I take a rest. If you go to Winchester, I recommend it to you. I have many other favourite places. One is Dimty. This is a Japanese and Chinese restaurant. There are other Japanese restaurants in Winchester which are closer to the Japanese taste. But, some of the food is different from Japanese food. I will go to there again. There are a lot of other great spots in Winchester and it’s relatively easy to live here. I think I want my friends to visit here too!!

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