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Christmas in Winchester

I live in Winchester. This is a very nice city. In addition, it is a very comfortable place to live. I live in a student accommodation, so I go to the city centre by myself to buy daily necessaries and food. There are many stores there. And there are always stalls on the road. That is why the streets are always crowded. There are also historic buildings. There are several large churches and it is a very historical scene. It is also famous for its grave of the famous British writer Jane Austen. This is one of the attractions of Winchester. December is also the Christmas season, so there has been a Christmas market. British and German dishes were sold, and various things were sold. There is also a skating rink, and many people enjoy it every day. And the city centre is decorated with a very large Christmas tree. Also, the city is illuminated and very beautiful. And there are some Japanese restaurants. I have been to them several times, and they are very popular. I did not imagine that Japanese restaurants would be so popular with so many people. I am happy that people living in Winchester like Japanese food. And the people here are very kind. It is really good that I can study abroad in Winchester.  

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