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Nanaimo – The city I live in

I live in Nanaimo, in British Columbia, Canada. Nanaimo used to be known as a mining town. Recently, this town is more popular for sightseeing, fishing, and forestry. I really like it here. There are three reasons why I love Nanaimo. First, there is the ocean near my house. I like it because I can relax my mind and body while seeing it. I’d like to try kayaking and surfing next summer. Secondly, there is a lot of nature, so I calm down. I found some wild deer and squirrels. I saw some wild squirrels for the first time. They were so cute. Nanaimo is a very rural area. Some people said they have nothing to do in Nanaimo, so they’re bored. I prefer the country to the town, so I enjoy every day. Finally, the people of Nanaimo are very kind. If I am in trouble, they help me. I often get lost. Then, they teach me the way kindly. Also, when I go past someone on the street, they say to me, “Hello”. Living in Nanaimo is comfortable for me. I recommend that you go to the downtown area and VIU if you come to Nanaimo. There are many delicious restaurants downtown. You can eat fish and chips, Nanaimo bars and very big hamburgers. Also, you can eat Japanese and Korean food. However, it is dangerous to go downtown at night. Be careful. VIU is a very good university. There is a café, Subway, and Starbucks in VIU. I like staying in the café. The view from VIU is very beautiful. I like studying English while seeing the view.

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