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発酵JAPAN 2022

Members of Malcolm Swanson’s Year 3 Zemi have been working with businesses in Kitakyushu’s Tanga Market. The goal is to assist them in recovering from the fires that destroyed many shops earlier this year. On November 19-20 they participated in “発酵JAPAN 2022” – a market festival that promotes local products. The zemi members prepared two dishes that use “nukadaki”, and successfully sold them at the market.

Nukadaki is a local dish from Kokura that is said to have begun in the Edo Period, and is made with blueback fish boiled in seasoning and finished by boiling after adding nukadoko (salted rice bran paste for pickling). The flesh and even the bones are tender, and there is a salty-sweet taste of nukadoko. The powerful flavor that comes from the nukadoko has been passed down through three generations over the span of 100 years

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