Rice Harvesting with MaruZemi


On October 14, all the students in Malcolm Swanson’s seminar group once more traveled to Yuikirara near Nakatsu. This time we were harvesting the rice and digging up the sweet potatoes we planted last June. Our crops looked very healthy, so we were soon busy cutting the rice, tying it up, and hanging it to dry. After a delicious lunch of curry and rice cooked by the local people, we headed up the valley to harvest the potatoes. This was hard work, but we soon had dug up many boxes of satsuma-imo.

Two weeks later, we picked up 60kg of rice to bring back to sell at school. We bagged it into 1kg bags and sold it for ¥600. It was soon sold out, and we heard it was delicious.

We’re already looking forward to next year’s projects at Yuikirara.

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