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2023 Study Abroad at VIU-4

Sakura studied in Canada during the summer vacation. Here are her impressions:


Everything was new to me: airplanes, foreign countries, homestays, etc. Therefore, I was really filled with nervousness and anxiety at first. However, the moment I arrived in Canada, my nerves melted away thanks to its beautiful cityscape and the warm welcome I received from my host family. I made many new friends at the university. It was really fun to talk about how things were going at each homestay. We also did various activities. I was very happy to be able to do things that I could not experience in Japan. I was touched by the kindness of so many people during these three weeks. What surprised me the most was that everyone always said “Hello” or “Thankyou” when getting on the bus or when shopping. I would like to continue this custom when I go back to Japan. Also, this study abroad experience made me want to visit more countries. For this purpose, I would like to continue to study English hard.

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