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2023 Study Abroad at VIU-3

Amu is a second-year student studying at Vancouver Island University in Canada for six months. She tells us about her first experiences there:

Living in Canada is often difficult, but I am very happy because there are so many fun events at the university!

The most difficult thing for me right now is that I don’t understand buses very well. Sometimes I don’t know the name of the bus stop or which bus to take. Google Maps is an absolute must for me in Canada. And I have to take a bus downtown to go to school, and there are a lot of homeless people there. I’m a little scared of them because I learned that they can be dangerous, unlike the homeless in Japan.

But, my host family is so good!! So, I went to the beach, park, pool…etc with them. They have taken me to many different places. Do you know SUGARLOAF MOUNTAIN Park? It’s such a nice place.

Also, my host family took me to the sea, and there I experienced the sport of paddle-boarding (SUP) for the first time! It was so exciting!

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