Interview: Yuri Narimatsu (2年生)

Yuri Narimatsu came to Seinan with the purpose of joining a successful basketball team. Since arriving, the team has enjoyed…

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Interview: Yuki Kumagawa (4年生)

Yuki Kumagawa has played a strong role in supporting other students, especially younger students just beginning in our English Department. Last year,…

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Interview: Yumi Nakano (3年生)

Yumi Nakano is a third-year student who spent last year as a volunteer assistant language teacher in Toowoomba, Australia. Since returning,…

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Interview: Satoko Murata (4年生)

Satoko Murata is a 4th-year student in our department. During her time with us, she has studied abroad for 6 months,…

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