Motoyuki Murahashi

MurahashiMotoyuki Murahashi started teaching at Seinan Jo Gakuin University in April 2013. Previously he worked for a Fukuoka-based business corporation for more than four decades. Immediately before he joined the faculty, he was responsible for the management of the Japan-America Society of Fukuoka (JASF), which his company supports as part of its commitments to the community. Other than that, he has a wide variety of business experience, including sales, tourism, convention, overseas transactions, business administration, and M&A.

His connection to English was practically started in 1972, when he joined the firm and was assigned in the overseas travel division. Since then, his relationship with the language has been rather sporadic, yet continual in the long run. While working as JASF secretary-general, he enrolled in a correspondence course of a university in 2008 and obtained his junior high school and high school teacher’s license in 2011 with a view to conveying what he has learned in business and study to the next generation.

He has a Bachelor’s Degree in French from Seinan Gakuin University, but after all these 40+ years, he reserves comment on his command of the language. In his free time, the ex-French major supervises, on a volunteer basis, a few JASF cultural programs—one of which is the Book Club for American Literature. He also enjoys playing the trumpet in a wind band as a dabbler.




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