2021 Zion Cup English Contest

Our Zion Cup English Contest is held annually, and is an opportunity for our Year 1 students to give speeches, and our Year 2 & 3 students to perform presentations. These speeches and presentations use the SDGs as the topic on which they write and prepare their performances. Every student takes part, and class competitions are held in December. From there, the finalists take part in the competition on January 11, 2022. Once again this year, we had to hold the contest online because of the COVID-19 pandemic.


  • Speeches:
    • 1st place: Hinako Ishitobi
    • 2nd place: Yurika Takahashi
    • 3rd place: Aoi Yagami
  • Presentations:
    • 1st place: Eri Tanabe & Izumi Sugimachi
    • 2nd place: Yuzu Tashiro & Kotono Nakamura
    • 3rd place: Hibiki Inoue & Yuria Michishiro

We congratulate all the prize winners, as well as all the finalists. A big “Thank You!” to our three judges: Paul Collett, Ai Murphy, and Junko Ota. Here is the winning speech and the winning presentation:

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