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Studying in LondonBecoming competent in a language is more than just focusing on the grammar and vocabulary. A language is a living thing, and to become competent we need to look outside
the structure and understand the culture, the society, and the atmosphere in which it is used.

Our 欧米文化交流研修 programme is for just this purpose. During the spring semester, students do a Comparative Culture study of one country. They look at such areas as the people, the traditions, the history, and the lifestyles of that country in order to gain an understanding of the context of the language.

Then, during the summer vacation, students will spend 3 weeks visiting the country they have studied. During that time they will participate in English language classes at one of our partner universities, while at the same time engaging in cultural and recreational activities. Nights will be spent with a home stay family, enjoying the culture in an authentic manner.

Destinations for this programme change every year. In 2014, the students traveled to Winchester in England, and during their time there they spent a few days in Paris, France. This year, 2015, our students will go to Vancouver in Canada.

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