Flying high...

We provide many opportunities for our students to study abroad in New Zealand, Australia, Britain, Canada, and the USA. For many students, these are life-changing experiences! More »

All in English...

We try to make the English Department an all-English environment, from our classes, to our many events such as this English Lecture, to student visits to our offices. More »

Speaking out...

All students have many opportunities to participate in speech contests, from our Zion Cup, ESS speech contests, to our Mallory English Contest. More »

A Christian heritage...

As a Christian school, Seinan provides opportunities for students to celebrate the faith. This is from our English Departments annual Christmas Intensive More »

Getting to know each other...

Our year always starts with our English Camp—2 days with staff, Year 1, and Year 2 students doing activities, giving performances, and making friends! More »

  • Seinan Jogakuin University

    • ... is a private Christian women's university located in Kitakyushu—a city in the north of Kyushu, Japan. Our English Department is part of the Faculty of Humanities. 西南女学院大学 • 人文学部 • 英語学科 Read More »
  • Recent News • 最近のニュース

    • programme_col

      2014 Graduate Lectures

      February 12, 2015
      On Friday 13, from 9:00 in Building 5, we will be holding our 2014 graduating students’ lectures (2014年度英語学科卒業論文発表会). Ten of Read More »
    • scones-16

      Final classes

      January 28, 2015
      The final week of the semester, and in many classes, students and teachers are relaxing a little before exams begin. Read More »
    • Speech - 1st place

      9th Zion Cup English Contest results

      January 28, 2015
      On January 22, 2015, we held our 9th Zion Cup English Contest with 8 speeches and 3 presentations. All the Read More »
    • cinderella18


      January 28, 2015
      After our Zion Cup English Contest, Professor Woolbright’s seminar students put on a performance of the classic tale, “Cinderella”. Here are Read More »
    • Zion_poster

      9th Zion Cup English Contest

      January 15, 2015
      Our annual Zion Cup English Contest takes place in the second semester each year, and this year, the theme is Read More »
    • zion-semifinal11

      Zion Cup semi-final

      January 09, 2015
      On January 8, we held the semifinals for the presentation section of our Zion Cup English Contest. Two groups were chosen Read More »